Rikk Flohr

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Rikk's Images For Sale
A complete listing of images for sale on my www.rikkflohr.com gallery site.
A collection of some of my favorite waterfalls from my many travels.
The Violinista
The Violinista was a collabaration with a favorite model and me. We set out to emulate a whispy, feminine and lyrical image using soft lighting, hourglass shapes and dynamic posing.
Sword Wielders
This is a collection of female models who, while in studio, have drawn blade and struck a pose.
Marooned in Darkness
A collection of single subjects captured on black, printed on metal and representing the stark color of a vibrant world.
Magical Landscapes
This is a collection of some of my digitally enhanced landscapes from around the country. These are the favorites that I have chosen to be wallpapers for my laptop and desktop.
A place where I showcase headshots - whether for actors, performers, events, corporate usage and a hose of other applications
A collection of feathered abstracts designed to be most colorful and very surreal printed on high-quality ready-to-hang metal.
Event Work
A collection of event work at conferences where I have served as set and roving photographer.
Compositry, is art built through the compositing of scenes with models into new and exciting artistic visions.
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